Joining a Society

  1. Go to the Beds SU website
  2. Login using your UoB Login details (login button is in the top right-hand corner).
  3. Go to the second tab at top of page called “Communities”.
  4. Click on it and scroll down to “Societies”.
  5. Then you can scroll down the list of Societies to the one you want OR you can filter which societies to view by using the filter option to the lefthand side of the page.
  6. When you find the society you want to join click on it.
  7. Follow the instructions to join the group.

Purchasing Society Membership

  1. When you click to join group, scroll down to the blue continue button.
  2. Click on the blue continue……. button and scroll down to proceed with purchase.
  3. Then click on the blue proceed button.
  4. You should then see a green screen telling you the purchase was successful.
  5. Congratulations! you are now a member of your chosen society.

If you have any issues when purchasing a society membership, please email with your enquiry and add “society membership” as the subject.