Invites to graduations go out before your Exam Boards have taken place so are only provisional, based upon your predicted end of year decision.

In order to qualify for a graduation ceremony you must have:

  • an Examination Board decision "awarded" (you will find this in "results" on EVision)
  • booked your attendance online - this MUST be done in advance
  • booked any guests - this MUST be done in advance
  • booked your academic dress - this can be done in advance online or on the day

I don't fulfill all of the above criteria

If you do not have an "awarded" decision from your Exam Board, you are not yet eligible to graduate. For example, you may have outstanding resits.

  • If you plan to resit your unit(s), any purchased tickets will be rolled over to the next graduation ceremony, provided you have completed the resit (you have the right to request a refund if you would prefer: email
  • If you do not wish to resit, you can complete a Withdrawal Form to exit the University with the credits that you have achieved - this would go to the next Examination Board and you would likely be awarded a intermediary award (e.g. a Diploma of Higher Education, instead of a Bachelor's Degree)

If you have not booked your attendance online by the booking deadline on your invite, you will not be admitted to the ceremony.

  • If you would like to graduate in-person at a later date, please contact to request that you are deferred to the next available graduations. You will receive a new invite closer to the time.
  • If you do not want to attend graduation and just want your certificate, you can ask for it to be sent to you. If you choose this, you will not be able to attend a graduation in the future. Simply complete the form in your graduation invite and provide the details of where you would like the certificate to be sent.

If you have not booked your guest's attendance online by the booking deadline on your invite, they will not be admitted to the ceremony. There will be live-streaming in Beds SU venues (Luton and Bedford) or your guests can tune in from home at

If you have not booked your academic dress online by the booking deadline, academic dress will be available to hire on the day from the University's official provider, as per your invite.   

I have an "awarded" decision but not have been invited to graduation

If you have not yet received an invite and have an "awarded" decision, please contact

We recommend checking both your and personal email addresses before reaching out as any invite will be sent here. It's important that the Graduations team have up to date contact details for your to receive this invite: you can do so at

I am still waiting to hear about my Academic Appeal

Your acceptance of an award certificate at graduation implies acceptance of the award and the closure of any action/appeal within the University's procedure. 

If you are still waiting to hear back from Adjudication, you should not attend your graduation and/or accept your certificate.

As above, you will be eligible to attend a graduation ceremony at a later date.