Appeals can only be submitted after your grade has been confirmed by the university’s Board of Examiners. Details of the exam board dates can be obtained from Student Information Desk (SID)


If your assessment deadline has not yet passed and you are looking for advice, then you should seek help from the university Student Engagement and Mitigation Teams who might be able to grant you an extension. 


If your assessment deadline has passed and you think you have grounds for an appeal, then we suggest that you watch our video explaining how to submit your Academic Appeals form which is available on the Beds SU YouTube channel. 


All appeals need to be submitted within 15 working days of your grade being awarded by the relevant exam board. Unfortunately, adjudication will not accept a late appeal without an exceptionally good reason and with evidence to validate this reason


Important – you must submit an appeal using your email. Emails from personal email accounts will automatically be relegated to the bottom of the review list. If your email is suspended, please contact SID.

What evidence do I need when submitting an Academic Appeal?

What happens after I have submitted an Academic Appeal?

Potential Academic Appeal outcomes

How can Beds SU help you with Academic Appeals?