In most cases, a successful academic appeal will provide you with another opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills through a reassessment. These opportunities will normally be offered to you during the next formally scheduled assessment period. Therefore, an academic appeal could have an impact on your academic progression. If you think this might impact you, it is important that you speak to an advisor prior to submitting an appeal.


Important - a successful appeal will not improve or alter the grade/outcome that you have already been awarded. This is because you have told the university that the circumstances you faced during the original assessment period had such a negative impact on you that you were unable to perform to your full potential. A reassessment will therefore give you another opportunity without these circumstances impeding you.


If an appeal is submitted and it is not successful, there will be no change to the exam board’s decision or result in a reduction in your original grade/classification.

Full details of the Academic Appeal process can be found in the UoB Academic Appeals Policy.

When can I submit an Academic Appeal?

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