Preparing for a Viva is important to ensure that... 

  • Show off what you know 
  • You can defend your work 
  • Demonstrate your understanding
  • Maintain academic honesty

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the Viva:

  •  Be Confident: Believe in yourself! You're the expert on your own assignment. This is your time to shine and convince the panel of your findings.

  • Stay Calm: It's totally normal to feel nervous, but try to stay calm. Take deep breaths and take your time when answering questions from the panel

  • Keep Hydrated: Have a bottle of water with you. Taking small sips can help keep you focused and refreshed during your Viva.

  • Ask for Clarification: If you don't understand a question, don't be afraid to ask for clarification. It's better to be sure before you answer.

  • Know Your Assignment: Make sure you understand everything in your assignment, from the content to the methodology. Revisit it to refresh your memory.

  •  Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice presenting your work multiple times before the Viva. You can do it in front of a mirror, record yourself, or even ask someone for support if you need it.

  •  Think Ahead: Consider the questions the panel might ask you. Be ready to explain and defend your choice of topic, methodology, and results.

  • Know Your Sources: Be familiar with the references you used in your work. Make sure you can cite them correctly and explain why you chose them.

  • Be Honest: Be honest about how you did your work. It's important to maintain academic integrity throughout the process.

  • Be Punctual: If your Viva is in person, make sure you arrive on time to avoid unnecessary stress. If it's online, test your equipment beforehand to ensure everything works smoothly.

  • Gather Your Materials: Ensure you have all necessary materials ready, including printed copies of your work and any notes you've prepared. If you need to prove the submitted work is your own at a viva, you should bring or provide lecture notes, emails to faculty, draft formats with date and time stamps, screenshots etc., to help verify authenticity. For online vivas, check that your camera, microphone, speakers, and internet connection are working well.

Before your Viva, it's a good idea to visit the Universities Academic Integrity Resource webpage

And don't forget to check out SID FAQ for further guidance on Vivas. It's full of helpful tips! 

Possible Questions:

Here are some questions the panel might ask you:

- Why did you choose this topic?

- Where did you find your research?

- What theory did you use?

- Can you talk about your findings?

- Why did you reference certain authors?

Remember, these are just examples, so be prepared for anything!