At Beds SU we want you to be aware of how debt can impact you and your studies.

  • The most common reason for a student getting into debt is because their tuition fee haven't been paid on time.
  • There can also be several other reasons for this.

Potential Outcomes of Not Taking Immediate Action


1. Your student profile may be sanctioned

  • You may find you are no longer able to access your Breo, Course materials and Student Email.

2. You may be unable to progress in your studies

  • This could result in being exited from studies or having to pay for an additional study year the longer the issue is unresolved.

3. If this is left too long with no communication

  • Your debt may be passed to an external debt collection agency (with additional interest added to the debt). 
  • This is then becomes a legal process which is much more difficult to manage or try to resolve.

4. If your debt has been passed to a debt collection agency

5. Outstanding debts 

  • Could impact your future credit rating scores or access to further education.


For further information you can make an appointment to talk in confidence to one of our Student Advisors 

For Student Money Advice please click here

Reference: UoB Tuition fees policy


  • The quicker you respond to university debt and communicate with the finance team the easier the issue is to resolve and without it impacting your studies.