At Beds SU we want you to be aware of how debt can impact you and your studies.

  • The most common reason for a student getting into debt is because their tuition fee haven't been paid on time. 
  • There can also be several other reasons for this.

Our Top Tips if you owe money to the University 



Take immediate action! Don’t voiding speaking to the university finance department by emailing

1. Not receiving a letter from the university to inform you of your debt will not be considered as mitigation. 

  • Do keep an eye on your emails (student emails, but also your personal email if you are unable to access your UoB emails). 
  • Also check your SPAM inboxes in case important communication gets filtered there.

2. Where possible communicate via email with the finance department. 

  • Continue to use the same email to create a conversation thread between you both. 
  • This will act as a clear timeline for both you and avoid any miscommunication.

3. Always ensure you sign of your emails with the correct student name that you used at registration.

  •  Always include your student ID number in all emails as it makes it quicker for the university to access your information.

4. If the debt is addressed early 

  • The university finance team will work with you to set up a payment plan.

5. Never assume that UoB will confirm your attendance with SFE. 

  •  To be on the safe side always make sure this communication is flowing between both parties.

6. If you do not get a response from the finance department in a reasonable amount of time

For further information you can make an appointment to talk in confidence to one of our Student Advisors 

For Student Money Advice please click here

Reference: UoB Tuition fees policy


  • The quicker you respond to university debt and communicate with the finance team the easier the issue is to resolve and without it impacting your studies.