When we asked UoB this question, they highlighted guidance from the University's Health & Safety Policy, now published on this webpage 

To summarise, whilst the University understands that sometimes you will have to bring your child to campus with you (for example, to collect/return library books), any child under the age of 16 must be:

  • Signed in at Reception
  • Designated a 'responsible adult' (this will be you)
  • Accompanied by their 'responsible adult' at all times - your child must never  be unattended on campus

Additionally, children will not be permitted in spaces where academic activities are taking place (e.g. a lecture/seminar room) and will not be able to access to workshops, laboratories, studios, kitchen, or construction areas for health and safety reasons.

If this policy prevents you from engaging with your studies, it is important that you contact the University BEFORE you miss classes: contact StudentEngagement@beds.ac.uk for support engaging with your studies.

If you are not happy with the response that you receive, Beds SU may be able to help: contact help@bedssu.co.uk to speak to an Advisor.