If you're wondering what kind of spaces there are for you to study, whether on your own or in a group, at the library at the LSC London Bridge site, please read the FAQ below! You can also find information about how to let us know what study spaces you'd like to see.


What places are available for study?

At the Library in the LSC London Bridge site, there are 49 study spaces for students to use, and 27 of those spaces have a PC.

Can I loan a laptop?

You can! There are now laptops you are able to borrow - just make sure you return it within a week!

Are there spaces for silent study?

Students are generally expected to work quietly in the library, and so it should usually provide you with a silent environment to work.

Are there any spaces to do group work?

The only spaces available in the Library are the ones stated above. Students are generally expected to work quietly in this Library, however as long as you are not too loud, discussing work in groups can be permitted.

What if I need a room to book to do group work?

  • Unfortunately, there are no designated rooms for this which you can book like at the libraries on some of the other campuses.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the study spaces available at your campus, please contact help@bedssu.co.uk to let us know what kinds of study spaces you’d like to see there.