Recently there have been changes made to Luton Campus Library, particularly Level 5. Please find below an FAQ detailing what has changed as well as what different kind of study spaces are available for silent and group work.


What has happened to Level 5 of Luton Campus Library?

The silent study space and some of the group study rooms (L508, L509, and L510) on Level 5 are being turned into staff offices.

This was a business decision, and therefore unfortunately no consultation was made with students beforehand. We understand the frustration this has caused since some of your study spaces have been repurposed.

If you are a regular user of the spaces being repurposed on Level 5, or are just wondering what kind of spaces there are elsewhere, we have made a guide on what spaces are available for you for different kinds of work that you need to do.

Will these spaces be replaced?

The spaces that have been repurposed are not going to be replaced. This is because these spaces have never reached full capacity.

However, don’t worry! Please find below a list of spaces that are still available for you to use and in some cases book. In total, there are still over 1000 study spaces for students to use in the Library.

How do I book a room in the Library?

  • You can book a room in the Library by visiting this page and clicking on the ‘Luton Group Study Room’ button to be taken to a separate booking system.
  • Alternatively, you can book a room in-person by using the door controller. It will tell you what times the room is available for you to book.
  • You can only book one-hour slots. If you need the room for longer, you can book two one-hour slots back-to-back. You cannot book them for any longer.
  • Remember you can only make seven bookings per week! If you regularly book rooms to do group work then have a different person book the room on each day so one person doesn’t use up all their booking slots.
  • For more information, please read this page.

What places are still available for silent study?

There are still two silent study rooms available on Level 4 and one silent study room available on Level 6 if you need a quiet place to work.

How do I report a noise complaint in the Library?

  • If you find that the silent study space is not silent, or that the noise in general is too loud, you can go to the Library customer service desk on the first floor, and report it to a member of staff. This issue should then be dealt with immediately.
  • There is a possibility in the future that you will be able to email any noise complaints you have to a member of staff, so that you no longer have to leave your seat.
  • If you find that your noise complaints aren’t being addressed, please email

What places are still available for group study?

  • There will still be one group study room available to book on Level 5 (L507). There are also three bookable group study rooms on Level 4. These rooms are designed to be used of groups from four to seven people, however they can still be booked if your group size is more or less than this.
  • There are also a number of 4-person booths situated on the mezzanine floor, as well as Levels 1 to 4 of the Library.
  • On Level 2, there are two large collaborative tables which is suitable for doing group work. These tables can each fit 10 people around them.
  • On Level 6 of the Library, you can find a large group study room which can be used by students when it is not booked out by University staff. There is also a large collaborative table on this level which is suitable for doing group work.
  • If you want to practice doing group presentations, then you can book one of the two presentation rooms on Level 2.
  • On Level 1, there are teaching rooms that have several collaborative desks and a big presentation screen. These can be used when University staff have not booked them.
  • The Library also has a basement area for students to use. It is not currently used much by students, so therefore may be a good place to find space to work as a group.
  • There are also group study rooms available in G block of the campus centre, situated outside Beds SU’s office on the first floor - G102, G103, G104. These rooms have large tables ideal for group work, and they can be used when they have not been booked out by University staff.

What IT equipment is available?

There are PCs on every level of the Library – Levels 1, 2, and 4 have the most PCs. You can also find MACs on Level 6.

I need somewhere to do an interview for research/ a viva/ etc. Where can I go?

  • The Library doesn’t have specific rooms where interviews or vivas can be done.
  • However, you can book one of the group study rooms on Level 4 and 5. Please be aware that these rooms are not fully sound-proof, so may not be the most suitable place to discuss anything that should be kept confidential.
  • There are also the presentation rooms on Level 2. These are not sound-proof but are situated in the corner and therefore have fewer students passing by them.
  • Even though these rooms are designed for groups, you can book them and will not be kicked out by Library staff.
  • If you need a private room to have a viva, try contacting the organisers of the viva and ask if they can arrange to book a room elsewhere on campus on your behalf.

All the group study rooms have been booked up and I need the space, what do I do?

  • If you are unable to book a group study room or find there is no space in the silent study spaces, then speak to a member of Library staff on the first floor or by emailing
  • If there are enough students raising issues with finding space, then the Library will raise the need for extra space. This may result in providing extra spaces for group work or silent study.
  • However, please note that you will not have any grounds for your complaint if you report needing a group study room and your group is not between four to seven people.