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How do you keep yourself and your mates safe on a day/night out?! 

  • Many of us (but not all) like to enjoy a day or night out every now and again over a few drinks with friends.
  • Most of the time we do this safely without experiencing any direct harm to ourselves or others around ‘welcome week’ or around the start of a new term when making new, and hopefully lifelong friendships. 
  • However, we cannot ignore that alcohol (and other drugs) not only lowers our inhibitions but impairs our judgement in a way that puts us ‘at risk’, and perhaps more likely to engage in risky behaviour that we wouldn’t when alcohol or drugs were not involved.  


Handy Tips to Help Keep Yourself and Your Friends Safe



  • Keep the pre-drinking to a minimum and drink plenty of water! 
  • Eat something before going out to help line your stomach and prevent vomiting. 
  • Ensure everyone knows where to meet so no one is left alone or in the wrong place. 
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged before you head out drinking for the day and/or night and has enough call credit. Most bars/cafés these days have facilities to charge your phone and access Wi-Fi if you have no credit. Don’t be afraid to ask! 
  • Did you know? Alcohol lowers our core body temperature so make sure you stay warm in colder months. No one likes queuing for a bar/club when it’s freezing outside!  


  • Some pixel phones now come with a safety app 
  • Never use an unlicensed taxi! Uber now has features to share your journey.  
  • Do not leave bars and clubs on your own. Especially whilst the area may be new and unknown to you. Wherever possible, travel with friends (people you know) and not on your own. Making sure you have put emergency contacts into your phone. 
  • If you must travel alone, arrange to message a friend to let them know you have reached your destination safely. 
  • Keep your travel money separate to your drinking money! Do not walk home alone. 
  • Under no circumstances accept a lift from anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, regardless of how sober they ‘may seem’. Our reactions are much slower the moment we introduce a substance into our bodies, even in the most experienced of drivers. 

The Venue 

  • Never leave your drink unattended in a bar or accept drinks from people you do not know. Secure yourself from potential spiking with “Spikeys” or similar. 
  • If something doesn’t sit right with you, it probably isn’t right. Trust your instincts! If your feel threatened in anyway SHOUT!
  • Don’t leave bags/belongings unattended whilst you nip to the toilet or dance floor!
  • If you are on a date and start to feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to alert a member of bar staff who will be able to call a taxi for you and help you to leave safely. You can read more on alcohol, sexual assault and harassment here.
  • Many venues have adopted the “Ask for Angela” campaign to provide discreet support. You can read about the campaign here.
  • You can read more about Sexual Assault & Spiking here.

Drinking Alcohol

  • Judgements are impaired under the influence of alcohol. Do not make any life changing decisions until the following day when you are alcohol-free. 
  • For some students coming to university, it maybe the first time you have ever had an alcoholic drink. Please remember your tolerance to alcohol will be low and you do not know how you will react to it. Try to alternate a soft drink in-between your alcoholic drinks and choose a drink with a lower ABV % (All Beds SU Bar staff are trained and should be able to recommend a lower strength branded drink for you) 

Being Drunk (Intoxicated) 

  • If a friend has had too much to drink or has taken drugs and is sick or incoherent, ensure you place them in the recovery position and where possible say with them before they fall asleep in case they continue to vomit. Encourage them to drink water, never offer more alcohol. Read more about the recovery position here
  • If they appear unconscious or unresponsive and you have any concerns, call 999 without delay and request assistance:  
  • (When calling 999) you will not be judged by medical professionals if you have taken an illegal substance, everyone agrees it’s better to be safe than sorry and medics will be better equipped at helping your friend if they are aware of what they have taken. 
  • If you have taken an illegal substance, it’s always good practise to tell someone you trust, so they can keep an eye on you if you do suddenly become unwell. 
  • Disagreements can get out of hand when under the influence: agree to shelve the disagreement until the following day when everyone involved is alcohol-free and calmed down. Losing your cool on a day/night out can have massive consequences to your university education and future career prospects. Think long term! 
  • Keep hydrated! Drinking soft drinks between alcohol can help keep you hydrated and prevent memory loss. 
  • If you are going to have sex, don’t wake up with more than a hangover! Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise! Especially with university aged students. Many sexual health services will give you Free condoms and protection to find your nearest clinic click here
  • Only engage in sexual activity with another person when they have the capacity and ability to consent to it. Therefore, it would inappropriate or unlawful to engage in sexual activity with anyone intoxicated and unable to make the decision or choice in sound mind. You can learn more about 'Consent' by clicking here 

When you get home 

  • Do not attempt to cook a meal when under the influence of alcohol as this increases the risk of fires.  
  • Drink plenty of water and have a snack to avoid the headache the following day! 
  • The only way to eliminate alcohol from your body is time, so make sure you get plenty of rest after a day/night out. 


If you are worried about yourself, family member of friend’s use of alcohol and/or drugs use, please make an appointment to speak to a Beds SU Advisor, who will listen in confidence and provide you with local services that may be able to help. Click here for our Advice Service


Know your Limits! For further information please look at the below reputable websites: 

Talk To Frank 

Drink Aware