It is unlikely that you will be able to submit an Academic Appeal if you were unable to use ‘WISEflow’ for your exams. The reason being is that UoB have published lots of information and ‘test exams’ to ensure you are ready to sit your exam.  

Please click here for the WISEflow guide. For the PDF guide on how to use WISEflow please click here.


  • Do a test run in good time before sitting your exam; that way if you do encounter any problems with the application after following UoB instructions they can be hopefully resolved before your exam.  
  • Apply for Mitigation if you are unable to use WISEflow 

An Academic Appeal is usually the very last resort in these types of scenarios.

WISEflow has got all the information on how to log in, what to do if you cannot sit your exam etc. Click here to find out more about Examinations.