What is industrial strike action?

An industrial strike is when staff collectively and voluntarily refuse to work and/or come in to work.

How does the strike action affect me?

It is difficult to predict the specifics of how each individual student will be affected. The impact of strikes will differ across faculties, courses, and year groups, as the choice to participate will depend on individual members of university staff. Similarly, communications around this may be of short or no notice since members of staff who are striking are also not required to notify the university and students beforehand. Unfortunately, Beds SU is not in a position to confirm which University staff will be striking.

It is advised to keep an eye out on any communications that may be sent out by the University to your student email address, as well as checking BREO regularly for the most up to date information.

How will this impact my attendance requirements under my Visa?

There should be no problem with your visa as the University will continue to monitor attendance as normal. If any classes or contact points are missed because of the strike, it should be recorded as an authorised absence. If you are worried, you can get in contact with the International Office who will confirm the arrangements: InternationalStudentSupport@beds.ac.uk.

What are my rights?

According to the Office for Students (OfS), each university should take relevant actions to continue to offer the service they have promised students, considering the contractual relationship with students to do so. The OfS outlines several ways to which the university might respond in order to mitigate the impact of strikes. Find the full list here

Once the strike action has been completed, and the University has had the chance to implement alternative measures, and they have not been effective in addressing your learning needs, you may have grounds to make a complaint, for example, if all the curriculum that you need to pass assessments are not met. 

I want to make a formal complaint. What should I do?

In this instance, we encourage all students to keep a record of each time that their studies have been impacted as a result of the strikes, either in digital or written form. Including any key specifics that may help the university in reviewing your complaint more promptly. For example:

1. What was the date of (each) incident?

2. What has been affected (e.g. teaching such as seminars and lectures, access to facilities, student services, etc.)?

3. How has this affected your studies (i.e. missed curriculum is essential towards completion and submission of assessment)?

4. If any, what has this costed you? (e.g. travel costs)

5. How has this been communicated and/or enacted on on behalf of the university?

Our Beds SU Advice Team can support you in the process and discuss whether you have grounds for a complaint: email help@bedssu.co.uk to speak to an Advisor. You can also watch a short video about the University’s complaints procedure here.