Campus Reps are volunteers who work alongside their studies to represent non-academic views of students on their campus. They regularly attend meetings, produce reports, receive support and development. Campus reps are also required to collect feedback and escalating feedback when there is need to. 

This year, we are also inviting our Campus Reps to be part of our panel of student experts that perform all-year round scrutiny of the Union’s processes. More details about this role can be found here.

We've provided some more details for the role of the Campus Rep. 

Attending Meetings

  1. Campus Conversations
  2. Scrutiny Committee Meetings 
  3. University Campus related meetings

Receiving Support & Development 

  1. Skills Training 
  2. Campaigns and Outreach Coordinator 1 on 1's

Collecting Feedback 

  1. Liaise with fellow Campus Reps and Academic Reps 
  2. Attend Campus Conversations
  3. Promote '3 Ways to Feedback'
  4. Talking to students 


  1. Report monthly to Scrutiny Committee
  2. Contribute to Student Voice Newsletters 
  3. Networking 
  4. SU Networking Events 

Escalating Feedback 

  1. Campaign for change 
  2. Get support from SU to create policies 

Skills & Attributes Required

  • Good listener
  • Approachable 
  • Networking
  • Negotiator 
  • Campaigner 
  • Good Time Management

What's in it for you?

  • Create positive change for yourself and others
  • Direct links within the SU and University
  • Demonstrate your skills in a position of responsibility (looks great on your CV!)
  • Full support and development opportunities provided by Beds SU!

If you are interested in becoming a Campus Rep, please reply to this email to be signposted to the appropriate staff member that can provide you with the right support and information.