Scholarships and Bursaries are normally awarded to students who meet certain criteria, such as the level of their achievement or a demographic. Sums of money awarded can vary in size and are normally granted, i.e. you do not have to pay the money back, although some will request something in return (e.g. you may have to work for the organisation for 2 years upon completion).

Information on the Scholarships and Bursaries awarded by the University of Bedfordshire can be found online.

Below are details of other scholarships and bursaries that Beds SU has found in their research (and shall continue to add to as we find them).


Please note that Beds SU is not involved in the administration of any of these awards and cannot endorse any of these organisations: we strongly recommend that you research the terms and conditions of the scholarship/bursary before you apply.

Students with Disabilities

Snowdon Masters Scholarship

Student Health Associaton

Students claiming asylum in the UK

Student Action for Refugees: University Scholarships page