Here at the Students’ Union, we want you (students) to have a voice in how you experience your studies. Practically, this looks like one student per year, per course, stepping up and collecting feedback from their peers. 

The feedback might be on the assessment, maybe the feedback was not useful? It might be on the assignment brief, perhaps the instructions weren’t clear enough? Is the course lecturer excellent and clear? That counts as feedback as well!


Course Reps represent the students. 


Course Reps are essential as they allow other students to speak up about what is missing in their educational experience. Without your voice, either as a student or a student rep, the SU cannot begin dealing with issues that arise. 


So, to summarise...


Course Reps are students who collect feedback (both on things that are good and things that need improving) to help make the life of students on their course easier. 


You can find out more about Course Reps and the role here.