So, you're a Course Rep, you've understood what you need to do and you have collected feedback. But what do you do with that feedback?

First of all, getting your feedback to the correct place is important. It means that feedback/issues/recommendations will be taken to the right place and therefore will be resolved quicker. 

We recommend gathering your feedback on a notepad, in a notebook or in a note-taking app on your phone or laptop. Any way that you can keep track of things people give feedback on will be suitable. 

Make sure that you are keeping the feedback anonymous - you don't always need the name of the student or ID number for the feedback to be valid. A Course NAME, MODULE, and YEAR is good enough to begin with. If you do collect their name, just make sure you have their permission to share it (and if you don't have permission, remove their name from your records and keep the data by itself).

Once you can see all of the comments in front of you, divide it into themes. Look for similar feedback within what you've collected. For example, there might be a lot of comments from your peers about one particular lecturer or module. 

If this is the case, gather them into themes and organise them as such. This means that when you discuss the issues with University or SU staff, it will be easier to see what students have said.

If there are no themes, don't worry. Just continue collecting feedback and passing it to the relevant people. 

You will know the right person to speak to once you have been trained by us! If you are unsure, reach out at - don't hesitate to get in touch!