So, you're thinking about becoming a Course Rep? Great choice!

How do I become an SU Course Rep?

  • SU Course Reps are chosen at the beginning of your academic year
  • SU Course Reps are chosen in-class such as lectures
  • Your lecturer will ask for volunteers and explain the role  
  • Beds SU asks that there is at least 1 Course Rep per course, per year 
  • Sometimes your lecturers will run ‘elections’
  • The 'elections' is where your classmates will vote for who they would like to have as their Course Rep 
  • How the 'elections' are completed is decided by the lecturer. 
  • The SU will accept more than 1 Course Rep per course if the students and staff believe that would be more appropriate for them i.e., if the class is very big

Visit our website for more information on becoming a Course Rep!


What is the timeline of the application process for the SU Course Rep?


Freshers Week


  • You should see the SU in your School and/or Course induction
  • The SU will introduce you to the idea of a SU Course Rep and what they do

Week 1

  • Lecturers speak to students about the role
  • This may be using infographics, PowerPoints, BREO shells.

Week 2

  • Students will be given time to think about the role 
  • Students can ask the staff or the SU any questions they may have

Week 3/4

  • Staff will ask for volunteers for the role. 
  • If there is more than one candidate, staff may run ‘elections’ where students vote for who they’d like to have as a Rep. 
  • Staff will then send the Rep details to Beds SU.


Week 5/6

  • Training begins! 
  • All Reps will receive an email invite to training from the SU 
  • If you haven't heard from us, please get in touch at help@bedssu.co.uk 



What is the training? When / what does it consist of?

Beds SU organises lots of opportunities for SU Course Reps to attend training. 

We understand that you may be busy therefore you can expect a variety of sessions: 

  • In-person sessions
  • Online live sessions and/or an online course
  • Different sessions times i.e., morning, afternoon, and evening.


The training covers key areas that we think Reps should know about in their role, these include:

  • What we expect from you in your role
  • Why Course Reps are important
  • What great feedback looks like
  • What support is available throughout the year


Training will start a few weeks into the term and will be held across 6 different campuses. All Reps that have been reported to us will receive an email invite ahead of training starting (please check your junk folders for our emails!) and they will also be available on our website. 


If you are an SU Course Rep, but haven’t heard from us in a while, please email help@bedssu.co.uk.