So, you're thinking about becoming an SU Student Rep*? Great choice!

Becoming a Student Rep is a fantastic way to improve your University experience. Here are some reasons why you should become an SU Student Representative (Rep):

  • You will gain skills to last a lifetime. This includes time management, communication skills, problem solving and teamwork.
  • Your time spent collecting feedback, attending meetings and representing students can all go towards an award. You can get officially recognised by the University for the hours you spend. You log your hours and it will all add up at the end of the year!
  • You get to be a change-maker! You can collect feedback on many things relating to your student experience - some of which will improve the quality things at the university, both for your peers and for yourself.
  • You have the Students' Union for support! As an SU Rep, you are not supposed to operate alone - we work in partnership together. Come to us for help with anything you need regarding your role as an SU Rep. 

If YOU want to become an SU Course Rep, please email us at help@bedssu.co.uk

In the email, include your NAME, STUDENT ID, FACULTY, COURSE NAME and your YEAR OF STUDY. Don't forget to let us know why you're emailing (i.e., 'I am getting in touch because I would like to become an SU Course Rep').

Once you become the SU Course Rep for your Course, we will get in touch with you about the training and support that you can expect from us. 

You can find out more about Beds SU Course Reps here: https://bedssu.co.uk/representation/talk-to-your-rep/academic-reps

*Course Reps and Academic Reps are interchangeable terms. If you see Academic Rep on the website, it means the same as Course Rep.