Beds SU is aware that some students have different experiences with Students' Unions. In some countries, Students' Unions (SUs) are banned or run with different motives.

UK SUs are not like that. UK Students' Unions are charities, designed to assist students and their experience.

This article is to encourage ALL students here to speak up about their learning experience. There is no need to worry about backlash from your view. 

Thoughts and opinions on your course and your overall student experience are valued by Beds SU and are used to improve services where possible.

This is included in the Education Act of 1994. In that legislation, being part of a Students' Union means:

a) an association of the generality of students at an establishment to which this Part applied whose principal purposes include promoting the general interests of its members as students; or

b) a representative body (whether an association or not) whose principal purposes include representing the generality of students at an establishment to which this Part applies in academic, disciplinary or other matters relating to the government of the establishment.

In simpler language, this states that Students' Unions, according to the UK Government, exist to represent the general student population and to promote the general interests of students, including opinions relating to academic, disciplinary and other matters.

You can read more about the Education Act 1994 here (Students' Union information is Part 2, Number 20): 

There are three ways for you to give feedback to us:

1. Talk to a Rep

2. Online (Clink this link to find the form:

3. Attend a Meeting