In serious cases, or where you have made little progress against a Stage 1 action plan, a concern may escalate to Stage 2 Fitness to Practise. Here, the Head of School will identify an independent investigating officer who will instigate an investigation. 


What happens during the Stage 2 investigation stage?


Firstly, you will be notified about the proceedings. 


An investigating officer will interview the key parties involved and obtain further information, documents or reports. This will normally take 20 working days. The investigating officer will complete a report form summarising their findings, and, after consideration of the relevant professional code of conduct, recommend whether the matter should progress to a hearing. 


The report form is submitted to the Adjudication team (a university department who are in place to review concerns raised by/or about students) for file, and to the Head of School to determine next steps. 


Please note that if the seriousness of the case warrants it (especially if there is a risk to the public, to the partner or to university staff) it may be recommended that you are suspended from practice and potentially from the whole course whilst this process is undertaken. This decision may be made at any stage of the process according to when the evidence comes to light. 


Stage 2 investigation stage outcomes


If the conclusion is that there is no validity to the concern, no further action is required. Please note that you will be informed that any recurrence of low-level issues can be retrospectively tracked should another case arise. 


If the conclusion is that the concern is partially or fully valid, the outcome will be one or more of the following:

  • the case is referred to a formal Fitness to Practise hearing 
  • the case is referred back to Stage 1, so that actions can be taken to resolve any issues 
  • the matter is referred to another University or School procedure (e.g. DBS panel) for consideration


How can the SU help? 


Beds SU have a group of advisors who are independent from the university. They are here to help you navigate through university processes and talk through your circumstances. They are unable to advocate (speak for you on your behalf), but they can help align your thoughts before, during and after any proceeding.


If you decide that you would like assistance from an advisor, they can be contacted via:


‘Drop-in’ to one of our academic appeals, Zoom Sessions. These run on a ‘first come, first served basis’, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00am-12:00pm:  


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What happens at a Stage 2 Fitness to Practise Hearing?