The first thing to note is that although it sounds worrying, an academic concern may arise if the university believes the academic integrity of your work has been compromised, but without direct intent from you. Therefore, you will be invited to a meeting with your tutor to discuss the matter and to be given guidance about how to prevent this from happening again in the future.


You will be asked to sign a form at the meeting to show that you have received the guidance and have understood what is expected from your academic work.


It is worth noting that even after you attend this meeting, you might be required to resubmit your work as a resit to prove that you are able to meet the standards set out in the learning objectives.


Academic concerns are kept on record and if any further academic concerns are raised against you, the university might consider this to be a more serious academic offence. This is because you have signed to acknowledge that you have received guidance from your tutor about academic integrity previously, and not implemented it.


How can Beds SU help?


The Beds SU Advice team aren't usually needed when academic concerns are raised against a student, and it is unusual for us to attend these meetings with them. We are however very happy to talk through cases if the situation arises.

What happens if I get an Academic Offence letter?