An Academic Appeal is a request from you for the university to review a decision made about an assessment result, academic progression, or an overall award, where the decision was made without knowing essential information about your circumstances.


You can submit an appeal if there were circumstances beyond your control that affected your results, for example, severe illness at the time of the assessment or a university administration issue. You will hear these grounds to appeal being referred to as:

    • A – exceptional mitigating circumstances
    • B – operational issues impacting academic outcome


It is important to note that the appeals process does not allow you to challenge an academic judgement if you don’t like your grade. This is because the university uses moderation processes and external examiners to ensure that marking is fair is consistent across the university. If you feel that your work has been unfairly marked, you should seek feedback from your tutor. 


Full details of the Academic Appeal process can be found in the UoB Academic Appeals Policy.

Potential Academic Appeal outcomes

When can I submit an Academic Appeal?

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